3 Reasons Why Maintenance is Important

Maintenance is key when it comes to securing your doors and gates and keeping them from getting damaged. The biggest key to maintenance is diligence. We do not think of maintaining our doors and gates but if you take proper care of it routinely, you could end up saving yourself thousands of dollars and you can avoid any risks such as injuring an employee, customer or guest. The 3 reasons why maintenance is key for your facility are as follows: 1. It will save you thousands of dollars, 2. You can avoid personal injuries, 3. You can avoid halted operations.
Door repair
1. It Will Save You Thousands of Dollars.
As requested in the manual, parts and lubricants have to be replaced, cleaned or monitored. Whether is it weekly, monthly or quarterly, it is vital to keep a schedule to avoid accidents. Garage door hinges help the door panels fold when the door goes up and down. If you ever had to open or close a garage doors with hinges that have been neglected, you know how challenging it can be to open the door. Lubricating hinges helps them do their job and can prevent the garage door opener from being overworked. Also, overtime when doors are going through thousands of cycles moving up and down, the motor can overheat or can run down after a period of time. However, if you regularly maintain it, the motor and door can have a longer lifespan. Get your maintenance done and avoid costly fees!
2. You Can Avoid Personal Injuries.
If a door is not maintained regularly, this is asking for an accident to occur at your facility or home. If the hinges are not lubricated, parts are not checked regularly, something could go wrong and potentially injure an employee or guest. It is also important for a certified technician to check for standards and safety hazards to make sure everything is secured properly. Furthermore, when a gate or door malfunctions, it could close prematurely and hit or entrap a vehicle which can causes dents, broken windows and side mirrors, and possibly injuries. Not only can a product be damaged but so can a person! Be smart and maintain your equipment regularly!
3. You Can Avoid Halted Operations
If the doors and gates are maintained properly by a certified technician, you can avoid halted operations. If maintenance is not exercised regularly, the door or gate could not open one day. There could be a broken cable or torsion spring. A broken cable will stop your door from opening which prevents operations. If a technician was regularly checking the equipment, this could have be prevented.
The Bottom Line…
The bottom line is to regularly maintain your doors and gates! Make sure you call a certified door technician from Door & Gate USA to come visit and check the operation. You can avoid accidents, injuries, damaged equipment and save yourself thousands! Stay on top of it and you will be happy you did!
Typically, when a gate malfunctions, it closes prematurely and hits or entraps a vehicle, causing dents, scratches, broken windows and side mirrors, and possibly injuries.

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