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As a commercial business owner or facility manager in Newark, Delaware, you might have faced this dilemma. It doesn’t matter if you run a mom-and-pop store, a warehouse, an industrial business, an Airbnb villa, or luxury real estate – this question might have popped up.

How do I choose the right commercial door?

On second thought…maybe not. Doors are an often overlooked part of furnishing a business, and most owners consider it an afterthought. But they shouldn’t be! Let me tell you why.

A commercial door is a gateway to your business – it’s the first physical point of contact between your customer and your Newark business. It should provide a seamless experience while combining aesthetic, functionality, safety, and security elements. 

You’ll find a variety of options on the market for both interior and exterior doors for your Newark-based business. But how do you select the right one?

Well, we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up shop for the first time in Newark or renovating your business for the fifth time – we’re the experts on commercial doors in Newark, Delaware, and we’re here to help!

Here are five factors to keep in mind while selecting a commercial door for your Newark-based business: 

  1. Type of Commercial Business

A restaurant on Halsey Street will definitely have different commercial door requirements as compared to a vacation rental. The restaurant might use a uniquely styled wooden door for the entrance and lightweight aluminum double egress doors for the kitchen to provide easy movement between the kitchen and the dining area. For the rental, you might use an elegant paneled door equipped with a smart lock for the entrance, sliding glass doors near the patio, hinged wooden doors for the bedrooms, and an automatic garage door for convenience. 

On the other hand, a warehouse or industrial business might need sectional doors, high-speed roll-up doors, personnel doors (for emergency exits), and dock doors for speedy loading and offloading.  

Thus, the nature of a commercial business should be the first and foremost factor in selecting a commercial door. There is a diverse range of commercial doors available to suit every business type and it’s important to select just the right ones for yours!

  1. Image and Aesthetics

The look and feel of a business are part of its brand. This becomes especially more vital when the business is customer-facing such as a retail outlet or a cafe. Furniture and fittings play an important role in communicating the brand message in physical businesses and doors are just an extension of that. 

Colour, sturdiness, weight, material, and design are all important aesthetic aspects to consider while selecting a commercial door for your Newark-based business. Do you want the door to stand out or blend in, the colour to pop or be muted, a sturdy or a lightweight one? 

Your commercial doors must form a cohesive part of your business’ architectural design.

  1. Safety First

Safety and security concerns are of utmost importance for a commercial business. That’s why many commercial door manufacturers offer a slew of add-on security features such as automated smart locks, remote door locks, biometric access control systems, built-in alarms, glass-break sensors, multi-locking systems, and more. In terms of door material, a steel or aluminum door is bound to be more secure than a wooden one. 

High-security businesses such as banks, luxury watch outlets, and electronic stores might opt for a burglar-resistant system, bulletproof glass doors, or a mantrap system directly linked to the main alarm. Certain building codes also require doors to be fire-resistant and have clear exit doors in case of an emergency. You’ll never go wrong while investing in safety and security!

  1. Door Material 

Commercial doors come in a variety of materials and your Newark-based business definitely has a wide assortment to choose from! Commonly used materials include wood, steel, aluminum, glass, and fiberglass. 

Wooden doors are better suited for indoor spaces as they’re not as long-lasting nor weather-resistant when compared to other materials. However, they provide an old-time elegance and good insulation. Laminate doors are also created with the express purpose of indoor use. 

On the other side, steel doors are robust and offer high security while aluminum acts as a lightweight and durable alternative. Steel sheets are also used to create overhead doors. Glass doors work best for retail storefronts and a toughened variant of glass is used to prevent it from shattering easily. 

  1. Service and Repair

Imagine this…you’ve selected the perfect commercial doors for your office in Newark, Delaware. Business operations have commenced and everything is running smoothly. One day you find the biometric access control system at the entrance glitching – the system doesn’t correctly identify the fingerprints of some of your employees. Thus, they are unable to enter the office without someone else opening the door for them. 

A quick call to the commercial door dealer reveals that you’ll have to raise a complaint ticket on the website, followed by a call, and only after that will they dispatch a technician within two weeks.

No business owner wants to find themselves in this position. That’s why a quick inquiry about maintenance and repair facilities is vital to select the right commercial door. Some manufacturers also offer a limited warranty or guarantee for their products while some dealers provide free installation services.  

Well, we’ve covered the five factors you’ll have to tick off your checklist while selecting the right commercial doors for your Newark-based business. Do comment below what hassles you’ve faced as a business owner in selecting the best commercial doors for your establishment.

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