Access Controls That Enhance Inclusivity

Access Controls that Enhance Inclusivity.
Wouldn’t it be a great idea if there were access controls that enhance inclusivity in the workplace? At Door & Gate USA, we love win-win scenarios and we want to bring this win-win to your attention; access controls that enhance inclusivity.
Imagine if HR, IT and Facility Security decided to get hitched and their combined DNA to bring us Access Control that makes the office more secure AND more INCLUSIVE, but never told anyone about this accomplishment? You’d feel left out, right? 
Below are some ways access controls that enhance inclusivity can help make co-workers and occupants feel more informed:
🚧  The executive assistant is walking into your office building and receives a push notification that the 2nd floor conference room is closed for renovations? The EA was planning a meeting in there today, they now know they need to find another room. 
🚚  Macho Taco Food Truck Today! Sweet, your favorite food truck will be onsite today. That food truck, really has great tacos! Team tailgate lunch in the parking lot!
🏫  Reminder: Don’t miss out on the skill building event tomorrow. You’ve been wanting to brush up on those excel skills.
🎂  Today is the December birthday celebration in Conference Rm 112, 2pm. And on that note, you now remember today is your boss’ birthday, whoops – you forgot.
Access Control can not only keep your facility secure, but they can keep your team and occupants feeling included and informed.  Facility security is more than just fences + locks = security. HR is more than just sending an email or posting policy changes. Technology has gifted facility and property managers with the ability to fully secure a facility while creating an inviting environment by capitalizing on features that were previously only seen in the company inbox or message board. 
At Door & Gate USA, we offer a variety of access control solutions that your IT department can integrate in coordination with HR to provide a more inclusive environment in your workspace, building or facility.