Door & Gate USA Preventative Maintenance

Proactive Reliability for Your Facility

Ensuring a secure work environment and reducing downtime in your facility requires adhering to a routine preventative maintenance schedule advised by door experts. This maintenance is determined by cycles, referring to the frequency of your door, dock, or gate openings and closings. It’s crucial to note that components such as door and dock springs, cables, and other hardware are under significant tension. Mishandling these elements can result in severe injuries and, in the most extreme cases, fatalities.

In a market saturated with temporary solutions and pushy sales representatives eager to make their way into your space, the concept of true preventative maintenance has been skewed for many facility managers. At Door & Gate USA, we surpass mere visual inspections and generic checklists. We delve into understanding how your equipment is utilizedā€”or potentially misusedā€”by your staff. After all, genuine preventative maintenance should be customized and specific to YOUR facility and equipment. Your facility, your peace of mind; the stakes are high. Breakdowns have a knack for happening at the least convenient moments, and, as we’re well aware, numerous accidents are avoidable.

Not convinced about Preventative Maintenance? Concerned about added costs? Well-maintained equipment not only ensures safety but also extends its lifespan. Boost your equipment’s ROI through regular preventative maintenance, ultimately saving you money in the long term.

Safety is Our First Priority

Our technicians undergo a lengthy apprenticeship or shadowing prior to being released to work without supervision, regardless of previous experience or training.Ā 

At Door & Gate USA, our commitment is simple: Treat your doors and gates as if they were our own. We don't just maintain equipment; we protect investments. 

Preventative Maintenance for Every Facility Manager

Daily - 30 Seconds

Visually Inspect Equipment
Visually Inspect for Obvious Deficiencies
Does the Equipment Sound Normal?
Smells coming from motors
Check for Burning Smells

If you can see a problem, hear a problem, or smell a problem – call immediately for service.

or every 5,000 Cycles

If you see any of this normal wear and tear on your equipment, it is time for a Preventative Maintenance Visit for your facility’s safety and the life span of your equipment.Ā 


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Never a Contract.

Do not attempt to make adjustments to your doors, docks, or gates without a Professional.

Parts are under extreme tension and can cause severe injury.Ā 

Many Manufacturer Warranties are Voided if NOT Repaired by an Authorized Dealer.