Increase Your Square Footage in a Day!

Most retractable screens can be installed in less than a day. They not only increase the value of your house, but give you more enjoyment from your home. 


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Retractable Screens for your garage
Titan Screens

Love your home? Wish it was just a tad bigger? Can’t enjoy your garage because it’s stiffling and it’s buggy outside? Retractable Screens are an affordable way to make your home feel bigger and airier by taking advantage of increased living space on your covered porch or increasing the usefulness of your garage. 

Garages are utilized in a variety of ways; parking cars, storage, workshops, home gyms, etc. But it can be annoying to lack privacy when the door is open or be attacked by pesky bugs as you are working out or working in your garage.
Screens can come in a variety of options for garages to solve your personal pain points. Such as custom colors for the frame and screen, privacy screen (we can see you but you can’t see us), thermal screens to help reduce the heat transfer into your southern facing garage, and colored screens to blend with your home aesthetics. Garage screen options are endless!

Have a beautiful covered porch overlooking your peaceful yard? Or do you enjoy your covered front porch with your friendly neighbors? Retractable screens are a great option to reduce sunglare, keep the bugs out or increase your privacy. Retractable screens come in a variety of options to match your home’s decor and your budget needs.