What Every Homeowner Should Know about Garage Doors this Winter

Winter is the toughest season on garage doors. We want to inform you of all safety precautions for homeowners for their garage doors this winter season ensuring all entries and exits are safe and reliable. Being aware of the advice below will make winter an easier one for you.
1. Know Where The Emergency Release Is The most important item is to know is where and how to use your emergency release. You can also have a battery backup garage door opener installed. It is very important to know how to use the emergency release cord in case there is an emergency. Homeowners should know how to engage and re-engage the operator. Below is a video that demonstrates how to do this…
2. Check The Emergency Release Cord If an operator is 10-15 years old, the emergency release cord does weaken. You do not want the cord to break while you are in the middle of an emergency. It is good to get these checked a few times a year to make sure it is in good condition. You will also want to make sure that the cord is long enough for your family members to reach but is also clear of any obstruction such as a car rack. 
3. Listen For Things Not Running Properly Any time of the year, this is true. However, particularly in the winter you want to be more aware because things tend to break more often than not during this season. If there are any noises such as squeaks, strains or a decrease in speed, these are all signs that you may need a repair or new product. It is recommended to get service done prior to the snowy months and sooner than later. Because of Covid-19, manufactured products arrival times have a huge increase in delays. We advise to get service done asap and we can get your products to you sooner than later. Do not wait! If you notice something is off, please give us a call and get your garage door repairs done today. Garage door repair costs are better than waiting until the storm hits and needing an entire new system. Door & Gate USA has you covered.
4. Make Sure The Door Doesn’t Get Frozen
Garage doors can freeze to the ground during ice storms or snowfalls. If someone tries to open the door and the door is stuck to the ground, the bottom section, retainer or bottom rubber could get damaged. It could also break the operator. Garage door operator costs can be expensive so be careful! Check if it is stuck and if it is, do not force it open! Pour warm water on the exterior to unfreeze and then the garage door should open back up.
We are available any time to answer your questions about our garage doors. Please call 215-529-8687. Door & Gate USA offers garage door repair services among many other services for commercial and residential properties. We are here to help your holiday season run smoothly in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Maryland.

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